Cloud CPU

Flexible VPS offerings

Arkane Cloud offers on-demand access to our CPU Cloud servers to deploy your applications or for data analysis.

Our instances start with 1vCPU/2GB Ram and from 15€ per month.

Our various CPU servers are scalable and can meet your needs for image rendering, video transcoding or data analysis.

CPU instances adapt by giving you the flexibility you need for your usage. Easily scale your applications. Schedule and manage your CPU workloads from our highly configurable virtual server control panel. Our CPU VPS are based on AMD processors, providing excellent performance at cost-effective prices for all use cases, so you can stay within budget while deploying large-scale instances.

We are available to assist you in deploying your Cloud Computing instances on processors.


Increase productivity

Run thousands of processor cores on demand to meet tight rendering deadlines or analyze data at a large scale.


Obtain last AMD Epyc CPU

Whether your workload is general-purpose computing or high-performance computing, Arkane Cloud can match your project with the best possible computing resources.


High performance, low cost

Best value for dedicated CPU for computing, research and industrials.


Admin access

Full root access and a dedicated IP address included with all virtual machines. Access your instances easily and from anywhere.




Why choose arkane cloud ?

Monthly Billing

Clear monthly pricing, with resources optimized for your needs.

Best servers available

The GPU Ampere benefits from the latest technologies to perform your tasks and calculations.

Competitive pricing

Arkane Cloud offers servers up to 80% cheaper than the largest Cloud providers.

Data stored in France

All our servers are located in Lyon.