Cloud GPU

GPU Dedicated Server

Arkane supports businesses by providing high-performance and cost-competitive virtual GPU machines. Our infrastructures are configured and optimized to best meet the needs of each workload. We offer a powerful offer on a dedicated GPU server composed of 8 graphics cards to allow for the best productivity.

Efficiency up to 200 times faster than CPU computing speed thanks to Cloud GPU.

Located in a Data Center in France.

We support you in deploying your projects on our servers.

Cloud Computing GPU :


bare metal GPU :

Solution of GPU dedicated servers

Enjoy a dedicated server for deploying your workloads with the performance, security and reliability of a physical server.

You are the only one who can use all the resources of the server to deploy your applications.

Keep complete control of your environment with dedicated servers, powered by NVIDIA GPUs and high-performance AMD processors.

The Arkane Cloud platform makes accelerated computing affordable and easy to use. In minutes, provision dedicated servers with NVIDIA GPUs for your complex tasks.

No hidden costs on bandwidth, it is offered up to 20TB/month.

Do you have a specific project for accelerated computing ?

Contact our sales team to learn more.

Why choose arkane cloud ?

Monthly Billing

Clear monthly pricing, with resources optimized for your needs.

Best servers available

The GPU Ampere benefits from the latest technologies to perform your tasks and calculations.

Competitive pricing

Arkane Cloud offers servers up to 80% cheaper than the largest Cloud providers.

Data stored in France

All our servers are located in Lyon.