Using Arkane Cloud as Render Farm

Arkane Cloud got a cloud-based rendering solution designed to offer affordable, efficient, and accessible rendering services, especially useful for creators seeking high-performance computer power.

Eliminating the need for technical expertise related to operating on-site render farms, it provides scalable infrastructure and compatibility with popular software like Blender.

Arkane Cloud helps creators to deliver remarkable 3D animations and CGI graphics without the necessity of managing a physical render farm.

Render farm installation

To deploy a render farm solution on Arkane Cloud for 3D rendering, follow these steps:

1. Register on Arkane Cloud if you have not an account yet.  Click on the following link to be redirected to our servers dashboard. Once there, you can select servers and have the option to select 8 * RTX A5000, which is considered the optimal Cloud GPU rendering solution. This choice will provide you with access to an impressive 4800 OctaneBench Score for your rendering tasks on Blender.

After selecting the desired configuration, make sure to fill in all the required fields to launch your GPU instance. By following these steps, you’ll be able to harness the power of Arkane Cloud for your 3D rendering needs and achieve exceptional results.

Nvidia H100

2. To connect, open your terminal or access the noVNC on your dashboard using your credentials.

This will allow you to establish a secure and reliable connection.

Nvidia h100 ai record

3. To get started, launch Blender within your application or install your software using your unique key.

4. For Blender, to ensure smooth operation of RTX A5000 on Blender, it is important to verify your CUDA activation. Simply navigate to Edit > Preferences > System > Cycles Render Devices and select CUDA as your preferred option.

By doing this, you will optimize the performance and functionality of your setup.

Nvidia h100 ML Performance

Get your creations on your computer

Once you have completed all your tasks, you can use Filezilla, a reliable and popular file transfer protocol (FTP) software, to efficiently transfer your images from the current location to your computer.

By utilizing Filezilla’s user-friendly interface and robust features, you can easily navigate through the fields and seamlessly initiate the file transfer process.

Host : IP address

Login : your username

password : your password

port : 22

Nvidia h100 ML Performance

Let our computing power handle your creations. Explore our render farm services today and unleash your creativity ! 🎉