Dedicated CPU and GPU servers in the Cloud

Arkane Cloud specializes in deploying dedicated GPU servers and CPU virtual machines.

Our Cloud Computing solutions provide significant computing power to companies with needs in CMS or websites, as well as video encoding, content creation, or data analysis.

Benefit from a secure, flexible, and accessible CPU and GPU solution !

GPU Dedicated server

The fastest and most flexible infrastructure for high-performance computing.

GPU solutions perfectly meet the computing needs for the field of Cloud Gaming, Artificial Intelligence or photo and video rendering. Arkane Cloud offers a tailor-made offer to provide the best possible performance for each workload.

All dedicated GPU servers are composed of high-end NVIDIA graphics cards for optimal performance.


CPU instances for all your projects

Arkane offers flexible virtual machines that are tailored to your needs, with balanced performance for almost all workloads.

Our affordable dedicated CPU instances are ideal for general workloads and include generous and free bandwidth.

Start with 1 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM and increase up to 64 vCPU and 256 GB of RAM to meet the requirements of your workload.

Arkane Cloud :

Arkane Cloud is a supplier of IAAS solutions for CPU and GPU instance with the best components from different manufacturers : Nvidia and AMD. We will provide you with the appropriate infrastructure for your tasks, whether for content creation, industry, and many others.

Renting our dedicated servers will allow you to benefit from the best tools to work in the cloud.

location serveur dédié GPU

Why choose arkane cloud ?

Monthly Billing

Clear monthly pricing, with resources optimized for your needs.

Best servers available

The GPU Ampere benefits from the latest technologies to perform your tasks and calculations.

Competitive pricing

Arkane Cloud offers servers up to 80% cheaper than the largest Cloud providers.

Data stored in France

All our servers are located in Lyon.