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We’re building an innovative GPU-accelerated cloud platform to enhance the accessibility of training, inference and deployment of AI applications.

Why Us?

We're shaping the future of cloud computing for AI

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing with our affordable and accessible platform tailored for developers, data scientists, and professionals.

Streamlined Administration

Direct your focus towards AI innovation while Arkane Cloud manages the complexities of GPU infrastructure.

Advanced GPU Tech

Develop AI applications utilizing advanced AI supercomputers such as NVIDIA GH200, GB200 or H200.

Assured Pricing

Drastically lower cloud expenses in contrast to traditional cloud hyperscalers.

Tailored Solutions

Our expert services are dedicated to design and construct extensive customized AI infrastructure.

Complete Authority

Ensure successful access to a completely secure network under your complete control.

Unrivaled Versatility

Customize terms, pricing, and configurations unavailable from conventional hyperscalers.

Large-scale inference and training with NVIDIA AI GPUs

Access top-tier GPU cloud managed by Arkane Cloud. The GH200 NVL32, and HGX H200 and GB200 employed by NVIDIA for cutting-edge AI research, provides unmatched computing power for AI and HPC. Arkane Cloud specialists assist in building tailored large clusters.


Cost reductions compared to rival cloud services


Enhanced performance compared to DGX H100



Fast, low-latency InfiniBand connectivity

Transition to AI-Focused Infrastructure

The AI landscape is shifting towards GPU clouds, facilitating the creation and deployment of innovative models without the challenges of infrastructure management and resource limitations. AI-centric cloud providers excel over traditional hyperscalers in availability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability of GPU utilization for complex AI tasks.

Consistently accessible GPU assets

Arkane Cloud maintains a diverse pool of GPUs customized to meet various processing requirements, ensuring a greater availability of powerful GPUs for allocation compared to standard cloud services.

  • Instant deployment
  • Customizable configurations
  • Access to cutting-edge GPUs
  • Faster training
  • Optimized GPU resources

Cost Efficiency at Scale

Arkane Cloud offers cost-effective scalability with our private cloud solutions. Efficiently expand your infrastructure without compromising on performance, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and budget allocation.

Specialized services focused on AI

We optimize GPU servers for varied AI tasks, leveraging deep expertise in AI architectures and GPU cloud services crucial for large-scale AI projects.

  • Data infrastructure
  • Managing GPU cloud
  • Instant Kubernetes setup
  • Customized services

NVIDIA GPU on Arkane Cloud

NVIDIA GPUs available on platform of Arkane Cloud spans from bare metal to containers, including private NVIDIA GB200, GH200 and H200 clusters. This premium hardware, optimized for AI, is deployed on a fully managed cloud infrastructure designed for user-friendly operation.

Designed specifically for AI applications

Arkane Global Cloud enables bespoke configurations required for efficient operation of AI/ML applications.

  • Deep Learning models
  • Creative AI
  • Visual and auditory recognition
  • Extensive language models
  • Analyzing and interpreting data

GPU-optimized Kubernetes deployments

Arkane Cloud offers containerized services that simplify AI infrastructure across various aspects including CI/CD, provisioning, scalability, performance, and spanning from bare metal and virtual machines to deploy GH200, HGH H200 and in the future GB200 from Blackwell Generation.

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