Dedicated GPU servers :

The power of Cloud computing at the service of businesses

Engineers, scientists, industrialists, and graphic designers can have access to significant computing power. Arkane Cloud offers optimized dedicated GPU servers with NVIDIA RTX A5000, benefiting from the power of CUDA and Tensor Cores to execute the most complex tasks for video rendering, artificial intelligence, or data analysis.

Your cloud GPU

Hosting server GPU

Between buying, installing and maintaining servers and GPUs, the ownership costs are often high. Arkane Cloud allows you to benefit from the computing power you need for your workloads.

Cloud Server VPS

You want to benefit from maximum performance? Benefit from a dedicated server of 8 GPU that offers a maximum of computing power. Arkane Cloud offers the latest generations of AMD processors with a availability of 64vCPU and SSD storage for your different applications. Benefit from a generous and free bandwidth for your instances.

Choosing a dedicated server

Dedicated servers are valuable for having complete control over the physical server. You have access to its resources solely for your own use without being shared with other users. This allows you to deploy a large number of applications for your teams in order to increase efficiency in your tasks.


Control :

You have access to all the resources of your computer, whether for video creation, scientific calculation and many more.

Security :

As the sole user of the server, you reduce the chances of hacking rather than with a shared server.


Reliability :

As the sole user of the server, you can enjoy the best performance of the server as resources are not shared.

Why Arkane Cloud ?

Arkane Cloud provides CPU and GPU solutions for CMS needs, web hosting, data analysis, and video and photo rendering.

We’ve designed a flexible offer to provide the best possible performance for each workload. We charge for computation appropriately and offer the flexibility to configure your instances to meet the requirements of your deployments.

With resource-based pricing, you only pay for the resources you use based on different plans.

Our computing infrastructure is meticulously designed to help you operate in the most cost-effective way possible.

Why choose arkane cloud ?

Monthly Billing

Clear monthly pricing, with resources optimized for your needs.

Best servers available

The GPU Ampere benefits from the latest technologies to perform your tasks and calculations.

Competitive pricing

Arkane Cloud offers servers up to 80% cheaper than the largest Cloud providers.

Data stored in France

All our servers are located in Lyon.